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KINDLEWOOD product advantages:

  • easy to use
  • ignites quickly
  • suitable for any fireplace and oven
  • perfect firestarter for wood chip briquettes and firewood
  • ecological and environmentally friendly
  • cost-effective and economical
  • CO2 neutral
  • continuously renewable resource
  • attractive price
  • available for any household and family

Special skills, patience and dirtiness in fire kindling remains in the past! 

KINDLEWOOD - revolution in fire kindling!

About Us

Caring for Your comfort the company KINDLEWOOD offers kindling for fireplaces.
Our product is premuim quality kindling, with which You can ignite the fire in any fireplace with the first match.

Bee house

Summer is the right time to go to nature, enjoy something new, not felt yet, hear something unheard and see something not seen before.

With great love created Bee house offers you rest, relax and draw strength lying in "bee beds." Sleeping on bees relaxes the entire body, allowing you to relax from the stress of your daily routine.

As it is known, bees and their products have strong healing powers. The bee buzz has exquisite vibrations that can be enjoyed while sleeping in "bee beds", the propolis scent vibrates throughout the room.

Come to us to enjoy it together with your children and bee-keeper Māris will gladly introduce both large and small ones with a hard-working bee live in the beehive.
We'll be looking forward to see you!


Contact information

Phone: +371 20 308 979
Phone: +371 29 476 584

Working hours:
8:30 – 17:00


Address: Saules iela 1, Tume, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads

Bee house

Coordinates: 57.161200, 23.003701

Working from May to September